Samothraki – Evros Delta – Dadia Forest


The island of Samothraki (by ferry boat from Alexandroupoli) is an excellent choice, as it offers the visitor a unique natural environment, important archaeological sites and plenty of fresh fish.

The Evros Delta, organized by the Information Centre of Evros guided tour through the wetland and observing the abundance of rare waterfowl and wading birds that nest and breed there is a unique opportunity.

The Forest of Dadia in Soufli area boasts Information Center, which offers with minibus a wonderful journey into the fully protected area of the forest with a responsible companion till the bird observatory. The Dadia Forest is one of the unique regions of Europe, which hosts rare species of birds of prey (eagle, lesser spotted) and live three of the four different kinds of Europe vultures (black vulture, vulture, Egyptian vulture).

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