Various events, religious and cultural, made around the area, causing the interest and admiration of visitors. Among them for their Pandemos character, the Feast of Saint Marina in Imeros and the celebration of Prophet Elias is celebrated as the homonymous settlement Maroneia and attracts many believers in the heart of summer.

In several settlements Rodopi as Xylagani in Fanari, in Strimi, and the Proskinites celebrated ‘Gynaikokratia’, known celebration of ‘Mpampos’. It is a tradition with ancient roots, to celebrate fertility and female emancipation. Other known traditions are Avgomachies (Easter) in Thrylorio the Piperougka (July) in New Andriani, the isnafia (Clean Monday) Xylagani, the Sardine Festival (May) in St.Charalampos, the festival of fire (July) in Maroneia, the Feast of the struggle (August) in the Rodopi mountain and so much more, everywhere, in all the Rodopi, all year round.

There are many festivals held in honor of various saints throughout the county, as the feast of St. Tryphon (February 1) in Aigeiro. In most of them, the feast of Saint George, Saint Chralampous, St. Athanasios or Pr.Ilia, a tradition is maintained, the ‘kourmpani’.