Greetings from the Mayor of Maronia-Sapes Giannis Stavridis


Dear friends,

The times of “enlightened” Mayors who knew everything and did everything have blown over irreversibly. And where even simply applied appear to be outdated and away from the needs of the world and time.

The current era therefore requires specialized partners, clear and measurable objectives and mainly working tools to rank priorities and will promote programs that will naturally presented to the municipal council.

And democratically legitimized decisions of the collective bodies will still be respected and implemented immediately.

Besides collegiality and loyalty to the principles of democracy is an ongoing responsibility procedure. It essentially a voluntary commitment of each colleague that puts over the “I” to “we”.

“We, the Municipality”«Εμείς ο Δήμος» could be the position of this function.

The City council is a creation of cell growth and outlook for our country. This top commission, which unfortunately function often downgraded, will try to upgrade guaranteeing significant innovations that will soon be presented through the Presidium that will result in a few days.The city council will often deal with major local and regional issues and the place of its meetings will give this new function stigma will have both semantic and essential features.

If you want a stigma of the new era will be summarized with the following words “break with the evil past. Create new road”.

Our partners, young people will be the carriers of this mutation process of our municipality.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Principals of the municipality is and will remain only citizens of the Municipality Maronia- sapes. the municipal authority the municipal authority will not accept commands from parties, nor interests. For us, above all, is our locale. Those who share this feeling, this perception, they are our friends. All others will find us against them. And to know that we are not afraid anyone because this group is a net, a group of people with principles and values.

The Council will therefore be open to everyone. The operation of transparent and of course accountability obvious and imperative.

As mentioned during the election campaign in the program adopted by the vote of our fellow citizens, we will begin work immediately, we have already prepared to exploit the European funding offered by the new European program. We seek these first years do away with the obvious: the drinking water, the adequacy and safety of the transmission system, biological, municipal slaughterhouses and certainly accessibility. No development policy can not be applied when in the year 2014, the capital of the municipality has no water.

But where we give very great import and you will see very quickly, is the European project which today are an amazing self-governing tool but is largely unknown in our municipality. Through the implementation of targeted programs in the context of which we prearrange we want to bring financial resources to the Municipality since we know that there is potential to create growth and mobility to give shape to our vision for a municipality will have at the forefront of culture and history as data to provide a tourist attraction. We have our huge advantage Maroneia, the natural wealth and especially our people. These will count. And as we mentioned will move into networking, contacts and partnerships through which we highlight our place.

Our team is a team work. A group substance. From us you will not hear many words. You will not find fancy and meaningless fiestas. Work, modesty and silence.

To make the City of our dreams.

To give new light to our locale.

To keep in this place our children begin an effort in which we will all be participators.

There is no excess.

Turn page. We leave the past behind and start a new effort with young people.

I wish all my colleagues a good and fruitful tenure in the end will bring to our clients, residents of the municipality a positive account,.

Giannis Stavridis

Mayor of Μaronia Sapes